Quality Management

Aipel is conscious of its commitments and delivers all products, services and deliverables to its customers meeting committed quality standards. Our quality management system conforms to IMS standards. Company Quality Manual provides overall rules for doing business. Project Quality Management Plans are developed to meet specific needs of every project and our worthy customers. Such plans describe work methods, organization and resources we intend to employ to undertake the work. Inspection and Test Plans are developed for all work methods defining inspection & test procedures, stages, hold points and quality record formats. Inspections are carried out during implementation and quality records are developed. A quality dossier containing complete quality records is presented to the customer recording all stage inspections together with the project handover.


We consider our employees our most precious resource. Every one of us is a very important asset and his health and safety is very dear to us. HSE features prominently in our planning process where due consideration is given to creating safe work environment for all our employees and other resources deployed. We practice Total Safety Task Instruction (TSTI) wherein every one of us carries out job safety analysis before he commences an activity, evaluates work-related risks and takes proactive measures for their mitigation. The process is documented and provides right to every worker to stop work if found unsafe.


Planet earth is Allah’s gift to mankind and every one of us is duty-bound to keep it in a perfect shape. We highly value its importance and execute our business in a way which helps keep it in a good and healthy shape. We strongly believe that we must leave it in a state better than we inherited it. All our work methods are designed to protect its sanctity and ensure that we do not do any harm to it.