Services We offer

AIPEL is an engineering and construction companionship comprising dedicated professionals. We have developed a well-integrated Project Management approach that ensures that each project is executed with the latest and best practices in planning, engineering, procurement, and construction combined with Quality Control and HSE inputs.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Turnkey Solutions for Small Hydro-power Plants

Supply of Process Equipment & Steel Structures

Supply and Installation of Hydraulic Structures

Sliding Gates
Radial Gates
Trash Rack
Trash Cleaning Solutions

Plant Operations, Maintenance & Shutdown

Small Hydropower Plants
Shutdowns of Oil & Gas Plants

Procurement Service

Powerhouse equipment
GRP products
Floating decks
Valves Instrumentation and engineered items
General procurement services

Hydrology & Sedimentation Study

Technology Automation

Design, Supply, Installation and of Maintenance Chairlift

Supply & Installation of hydraulic structure